Ladder League Rule Change

Starting from 26th September, if someone only plays one match in a ladder round, and doesn't contact me to say why, then they will automatically be dropped from the Ladders. The vote to accept this rule was 28-0 in favour.


Paul Hensman Squash Ladder League Secretary


Next League Starts 29th March 2019 34

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If you have any questions you can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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You can also speak to Paul Hensman, our Squash Ladder Secretary who will be
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The Squash Ladder League Prize is awarded each year at the end of the winter season...

We add points gained over the last four rounds of Squash Ladder Leagues. Then we adjust the scores so that everyone has played the maximum number of matches in a six player league, i.e. 20 matches...
There are prizes for the top three players.

2017-18 Results 2016-17 Results 2015-16 Results 2014-15 Results 2013-14 Results

Notes About Paying Court Booking Fees

  • When booking a court you should put your opponents name on the court, or add it at a later date when your opponent is known.
  • This will enable your opponent to click on the court, and transfer their half of the booking fee back to you.
  • Hopefully this will stop the embarrassing situation, of having to ask your opponent for money on the day of the match.

Rule Regarding Unfinished Matches

  • If a match is in the final game ( i.e. the game scores are level at 2-2 ) when the court time expires and the ability to extend the court is there, either player may opt to play on and finish the match.
  • If player A wishes to continue and player B does not, then player B concedes the game and hence loses the match 3-2. This rule does not apply if to continue playing would mean having to switch courts.
  • For unfinished matches of scores other than 2-2, players may agree to play on and finish, however it is not incumbent on either player to do so. In these circumstances a replay should be arranged if at all possible.
  • Where a match cannot be finished or replayed, points can be claimed for the following games scores (unfinished games do not count). Based on 1 point for turning up, 1 point for each game won, the extra points for winning are not awarded.

*** When entering these scores in the league table please remember
to enter the game scores and NOT the points ***

Games  Points
1-0    (2-1)
2-0    (3-1)
1-1    (2-2)
2-1    (3-2)
2-2    (3-3)

  • Where the players agree to replay an unfinished match, the following choices are available to them:
    • Ignore the first match completely and start from 0-0
    • Agree that the points gained from the first encounter are secure, whatever the outcome, play the new game and allocate the points accordingly.
    • Add all the games together from both matches, then reduce the winning side down to 3. If the losing side has more than 2 games, reduce back down to 2.
      1st match 2-0, 2nd match 3-2, final tally 5-2, therefore score points as if a 3-2 victory.
      1st match 1-1, 2nd match 3-0, final tally 4-1, therefore score points as if a 3-1 victory.
      1st match 2-2, 2nd match 3-2, final tally 5-4, therefore score points as if a 3-2 victory.


If You Cannot Play In This League, Please Let Us Know, As There May Be Other Players Waiting To Enter The League.

EMAIL:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TEXT:   079-0302-8991



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