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ladder Leagues Online Bulletin - 14 December 2018

Hello Visitor,



Please note the above login is generic, so enter it exactly as shown, do not try and put your own name in.

Once you have Logged in, please use the Top Menu, click on Boxes.....My Boxes and enter the result.

Do not enter any results as Club Matches, because they will not go into the boxes.

You will be able to enter the points  scores as well as the game scores.

If you enter the points, your ranking will be more accurate.


On the Scorecard, the first 10 boxes are for the points, and the last 2 boxes (on the right) are for the game Scores.

Normally the winner will be responsible for putting the result online, unless agreed otherwise by mutual consent.

Please enter the result as soon as possible, you can use smartphones as well as online computers.

I've noticed that result entry works ok on Andriod smartphones, but on the iPhone 5, the digits entered are not fully displayed on entry, but once you press enter, the result goes in ok.

The Club is in the process of upgrading the touchscreen in the Bar so that results can be entered.


If your opponent enters the score, please check it is correct.

If it's not, please email me, and I'll investigate.





Paul Hensman

Squash Ladder League Secretary




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