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Squash Champions Bulletin - 14 December 2018

Hello Visitor,

 If you would like to play some new people of a similar standard to yourself from other clubs in the area.

Please visit http://www.squashchampions.com/

and register for their free service.

Registration form may get stuck on State.

So make Country=United Kingdom



Club=Finchley Manor ( just type the letter f to jump straight to it )

Then click ADD below using the black button.

Fill out all other details.

Submit Form

Please call me if you need help with registration.

This website is in it's early days, therefore not that many people have registered yet, but the owners are contacting over 2000 clubs to join up, so over the course of time there will be more players on the site from surrounding clubs.



Paul Hensman

Squash Ladder League Secretary

mailto: squash.ladders@finchleymanor.com



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If you would prefer not to receive future mailings from
Finchley Manor Club