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Bulletin - 14 December 2018


Hello Visitor,


Just a polite reminder that we have a Squash & Racketball Section General Meeting tomorrow evening at 7.30pm to give an opportunity to meet the present committee and to discuss all aspects of the organisation of Squash and Racketball at Finchley Manor.

We want to hear your opinions and receive your suggestions for the future so please do try to come along.

The meeting will be held in the squash court 1 area as there is a clash with televised coverage of European football in the bar - apologies but, the meeting has to be before the Club's AGM and to avoid the busiest nights of the squash tournament.


Best regards

Peter Hughes






Squash and Racketball General Meeting

Wednesday 30th April at 7.30pm

Every Squash and Racketball member is encouraged to attend a general meeting to discuss all aspects of our sports organisation at Finchley Manor.

The present committee will introduce themselves and outline in detail the current arrangements for delivering the squash and racketball programme at the Club and explain ideas for future development.

General play,

• Leagues,

• Juniors,

• Coaching,

• Team Play,

• Club Nights,

• Tournaments,

• Ladies mornings,

• Court booking system,

• Maintenance and expansion of facilities

will all be covered

We really want to hear what you want from your club -

 What is missing

 What is there too little of

 What is there too much of

Please come to have your say – If you have suggestions already then please send them in to me in advance so that they can be publicised beforehand.

This is an important ‘open forum’ to give all members a chance to have an input – every aspect of squash and racketball is open for discussion.

Please come along to have your say

Peter Hughes email





Minutes of a meeting held at 19.45 on 24th March 2014

Peter Hughes, David Whiter, Tim Taylor, Gillian Hill, Ken Picton, Peter Karran, Paul Chrysaphiades, Richard Grethe and Mike Lees were present. Apologies for absence from Robin Mace, Judy Williams, Mike O'Connell and John Middleton.

Structure of the Sub-Committee:

Honorary Secretary - Robin Mace.
Chair and Convenor of the Committee Meetings - Peter Hughes
Minutes Secretary and Club Night Organiser - Gillian Hill
Honorary Membership Secretary - Ken Picton
Team Representative - Tim Taylor
Maintenance Officer - David Whiter
Racketball Secretary - Peter Karran
Fundraising Coordinator - Mike O'Connell
Tournament Organiser - Peter Hughes
Leagues Organiser - Paul Hensman
Junior Events Coordinator - Richard Grethe
Events Organiser and Social Secretary - Irvin Gold withdrawn
Co opted members – Mike Lees and John Middleton
Judy Williams is the coach for junior and senior squash members.

Minutes of 27th January 2013

The minutes, which had been posted on the notice board, were accepted.

Membership and Subscriptions

Ken Picton sent a report on the membership:
Seniors: 328 (276m + 52f) compared with18.03.13: 259 (231 + 28)
Juniors: 73 (54m + 19f) comparison with 18.03.13: 58 (45 + 13)
So, the heady recruitment we saw in January has slowed right down, but we are still doing well year-on-year. We shall have to wait until the next meeting to see how many of the current membership renew – there is always a substantial turnover. Ken explained how the categories of membership are being rationalised across the club. Tim Taylor explained that the new computer system, Club Solutions, is delayed by a few weeks, but will do the renewals in April.

Maintenance Update

David Whiter presented a newly updated record of the planned maintenance of the 4 squash courts from 2009 to the present, plus projected planned maintenance to 2018. Court 1 is used most so requires earlier maintenance; the floor is to be sanded and re-marked at the first window of opportunity for the contractors. Court 2 front wall packing requires topping up – contractor is due back imminently. Court 1 seats need to be repaired and the remainder of the courts re-sanded next year, subject to review. Court 4 has had a new front wall. Tim explained that more work has also been needed on the boiler.

Club Night and Payments to Organisers

Gillian Hill reported on full attendance at both Sunday and Friday Club nights. Waiting lists have been needed and players have found the waiting time hard. This problem, and the difficulty in booking evening courts, points to the need for a new 5th court. Peter will try to make an extra court available from 7.30 for club night on Fridays. The payments to John Middleton and Veronika for organising club nights were discussed.


Peter Karran is to organise a social racket ball evening in April, and spoke of a professional squash player joining the club to play racket ball.

Squash Tournament

Paul Hensman is preparing for the Open Tournament which is to be held in April with Finals day on Saturday May 24th .when it is hoped the Junior Finals will be played as well.

Squash Teams

Peter reported on the winter league: the Ladies team have played 13 and won 5 matches, currently 4th out of 5 in the Ladies League; the Men’s 1st team in Div 4 played 18 and won 17, currently 1st ; 2nd team, played 19 in Div 4, won 10, an excellent reversal of fortunes; the Vets 1 in Div 1 played 11 and won 5 coming 4th out of 8; the Vets 2 in Div 3 may get promotion, having played 11 and won 6, standing 3rd and 1 point behind Coolhurst whom we play in the final match; the Vints 1 in Div 2 played 12 and won 11 coming 1st; the Vints 2 in Div 3 played 10 and won 2 currently 6th out of 8.
Andrew Taylor came 17th in the England Junior Squash Championships (Under 19) and narrowly missed coming 8th. Tim was part of the Middlesex Over 55 team who won the National Inter-county Championship.

Juniors and Coaching

Judy Williams is very busy both inside and outside the club, and is hoping that Daniel Enaholo will organise an Easter course. Judy's Ladies' morning is very busy following the link with St Mary's school. Zubid Rehman and Toshendra Dalvi are keen to take the Level 1 coaching qualification.

General Meeting

The committee is to organise a General Meeting on Wednesday 30th April for all squash and racketball members to meet the present committee, to discuss future plans and objectives for the section. Members views on all aspects of squash and racketball organisation will be welcomed and offers to volunteer to help the development of the Club are invited. Nominations for next year’s committee will be taken at the meeting.

5th Court Update

There was a detailed discussion on the plans to build a 5th court and further extensions to the club facilities. David reported that the Squash 5th Court sub-committee have met to review the responses from the Management Committee regarding rejection of the application for planning submission funds at this stage. A revised application will be drafted by the sub-committee to present a clearer case including total budget figures for stage funding, likely grant support, and membership benefits. The next sub-committee meeting is arranged in May to present an update to the next Squash committee meeting on 2 June.

Date of next meeting: Monday 2nd June 2014 at 19.45 pm


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