Here is a fun calculator to help you work out your BMI.

Body Mass Index Chart Pounds and Inches...

BMI in Pounds and Inches

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BMI in Kilos and Centimetres

Some info about BMI...

The Body Mass Index is a rough measure of body fat. It is not very accurate, because it treats all weight - muscle, fat, bone, etc. - the same. However, by taking into account both height and weight, it does provide a single number that can be useful for discussing health risks and desirable targets.

BMI values that are too high or too low are associated with increased risks for many diseases.

BMI values are determined with this formula:

BMI = (             Weight in Pounds             
(Height in inches) x (Height in inches)
) x 703

Or this one in metric units:

BMI = (             Weight in Kilograms             
(Height in centimeters) x (Height in centimeters)
) x 10,000

If you would like to find out more about BMI we have provided links to WikiPedia and NHS Choices, both of which have more information available.

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